When Thu Jan 17 6:30pm — 8:42pm
Where Workshop - Auto South Bay
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What Learn to craft water, structural, and/or lightweight items with synthetic polymers
Host Joe King


  • Cost: $5.00

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About this Event

This is the first in a series...

In the session, we will address the differences between polyester, epoxy, carbon fiber, and many other terms used in the creation of 'fiberglass'.

The reality is that fiberglass is an entire category of products, processes and materials. After this introduction you not only will understand these terms, but you will have a grasp on what it takes to 'make' using fiberglass and/or carbon fiber.

We will also address many of the myths which surround these materials (like they all cause cancer). We will discuss how to safely work with these products and we discuss types of molds and other 'creation aids'.

We will follow the Gougeon Brothers, Inc. materials as they literally wrote the book (several books) on modern composite fabrication. Gougeon Brothers, Inc. has a 'West System Epoxy Certified Expert' credential for those which go through their 'Glue U' syllabus.

These materials can be stronger than steel and lighter than Balsa wood- we witness modern composite fabrication everyday. Come and learn how to use these materials with your projects.

The goal in each session is to have about 45 minutes of lecture, followed by a 'hands-on' workshop. There is a modest, $5 'materials fee' for each class, as we do not feel it is right for the instructor to bear the cost of materials used in class. The materials fee is designed to be a 'average' cost per class, as we will use more materials in some classes than in others.

This is the first of a series... watch for the following classes:

1. Introduction to Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber
2. Molds, the lack of Molds, and the types of molds
>> Male Molds
>> Female Molds
>> Sacrificial Molds
3. Repairing and building in Fiberglass/ Carbon Fiber
>> Structural
>> Cosmetic
4. Finishing
>> Paint
>> Gelcoat- embedding designed in your gelcoat
>> Wet-sanding and buffing
5. Beyond the Basics: More Strength, Less weight
>> Vacuum Bagging
>> Foam core
6. Moldmaking 101
>> Multicam
>> 3D Prinier(s)
>> Replication
7. Class Project
>> get advice on your own project(s)
>> work on a project to support automotive/ plastics/ resins SIG

*** All Tuesday classes offer a 'Maker time' at the Hub for $1 Vodka night...

Special Considerations and Warnings

Class fee will be dedicated towards providing class materials used in the 'lab' portion of the class...