When Sat Sep 15 4pm — 6pm
Where Digital Media Room
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What Learn how to code your own website!
Host Adnan Chahbandar


  • Cost: Free

Cancellations for this event must be made before September 15, 2018 — 4:00pm.

Registration for the event is closed.

About this Event

Welcome to Web Development 101!

This is an introductory web development class that introduces the three core languages of the web, HTML/CSS/Javascript and how they work together to create the modern web we all know and love. We will also cover some of the key frameworks that are used by developers on the web today.

Some of the key areas we will cover in class include:

1. How to create Web Content with HTML
2. What is CSS? and how does it make our websites pretty?
3. How to make things click, tick, and move with Javascript
4. What is a framework and why would I want to learn/use one?
5. What is working as a web developer really mean? and what separates a website from a web-application.

Come in and learn how to bring your idea for the web into reality.

Special Considerations and Warnings

Please bring a laptop and make sure you have a good Code Editor installed before hand. (I personally use Atom, it's open-source, hackable, and pretty to look at... that's important www.atom.io) instructor likes IPAs, Guacamole, and smiles. Feel free to to bring any/all of the above with you.