When Tue Jun 26 7pm — 9pm
Where Creative Arts Studio
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What Learn how to use a variety of fiber prep tools and control-freak your spinning fiber.
Host Jeannie Harwell


  • Cost: Free

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About this Event

Learn how to use a variety of fiber prep tools and control-freak your spinning fiber.

The fiber preparation you start with will greatly affect your finished spun yarn. There are lots of rovings and batts out there to purchase, but if you're ready to customize your spinning fiber, do more blending, or start from raw fleece, this class is for you.

We have a nice variety of tools available for you to come in and use during a Fiberfrolic (or any time if you're a member). There are wool and cotton handcarders, wool combs, a blending board, and a drum carder.

We will be going over:
•different kinds of fiber preps
•different tools available and how to use them
•when to use which tool depending on what outcome you want and starting fiber
•blending techniques and manipulating color
•which spinning technique works well with which fiber preps, and manipulating finished yarn style

Some parts of instruction will be demo, and some hands-on.

You are welcome to bring your own fiber to play with once there's opportunity. We also have a box of fiber in the cabinet that is available for a consumables fee (paid at CA kiosk in room) if you want to make something once class is over.

Contact me on DMS Talk: @kyrithia
Or text 469-831-0916
FB: Jeannie Berry Harwell

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Special Considerations and Warnings

Feel free to bring clean/washed fiber from home to play with once there’s opportunity

OR Bring a little money if you want to get some fibers from the consumables box to create something to take home and spin later