When Tue Feb 27 7pm — Wed Feb 28 9pm
Where Lecture Hall
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What Have a plan before you build...
Host Joe King


  • Cost: Free

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About this Event

Tech Tuesdays: Interface Design

Makerspace has a new committee for Software Development which has many very smart, talented, IT professionals who are actively improving their skills at Makerspace. The problem when a bunch of IT guys get together, we often speak a ‘strange’ language.

This course is designed to help decode some of that language, for those who don’t even have an idea of where to start when it comes to creating a new application and/or website.

I have found that many developers focus far too much on the technical merits of what they are trying to build and they don’t focus on what’s most important--- the interface. Most end-users have no idea if you code is ‘really awesome’, but even those which are not trained in technology quickly form an impression of your solution based off what they see, how it works, and how intuitive it is to use.

ER diagrams, business workflows, and feature requests are all important; but ‘vision’ of the ‘look and feel’ should be the filter that should be used for context for everything else. In this class, we are going to design an app- on the whiteboard.

No matter what development environment you utilize, the exercise of prototyping your interfaces will help you create far more useful apps and websites in far less time. There are software packages designed solely with this purpose, but I would contend that they are ‘step 2’ after you already have worked through your ‘drafts’.

We will discuss:

>> creating ‘fake’ hierarchies to give a user a concept of ‘where’ they are within a solution.

>> How to create consistency

>> distinguishing between navigation and functionality

>> how modern UI elements can be implemented

>> Less is more