When Tue Feb 13 7pm — 9pm
Where Digital Media Room
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What Create a system which helps you as a 'Maker'
Host Joe King


  • Cost: Free

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About this Event

Makerspace has a new committee for Software Development which has many very smart, talented, IT professionals who are actively improving their skills at Makerspace. The problem when a bunch of IT guys get together, we often speak a ‘strange’ language.

This course is designed to help decode some of that language, for those who don’t even have an idea of where to start when it comes to running multiple operating systems on the same machine and/or don’t know why anyone would care to do this.

We will start off this class in discussing why one may wish to ‘slice’ up their computing resources. For many, the reasons to virtualize a server are different than why one would virtualize a personal computer and/or laptop. We will discuss both sets of rationale in the context of being a 'maker'.

Among the questions we will answer:

>> Do you have an old app that needs Windows XP, but your laptop is running Windows 10?
>> Do you have a Mac and would like to run Windows applications?
>> Are you doing app and/or web development?
>> Would you enjoy having better isolation between your data and your web browser?
>> Are interested in ‘cloud apps’?
>> Would you like to learn Linux, but don’t have a spare machine?
>> Do you want to 'play' with Node Red for IoT but not ready to purchase a Pi

Most of the class will concentrate on virtualization of a ‘personal’ machine, as most of us do not have a spare server to ‘play with’. The examples will utilize the vmWare product line; however, we will discuss other options.

We will then discuss how to set up a new virtual machine. Topics such as shared drives, USB ports, etc. will be discussed. We will install ‘vmWare Tools’ and discuss why they are important.

For those of you with Windows laptops, we can have the conversation of how to install the MacOS in a virtual machine so that you Windows machine can run Windows and MacOS.

** we will not be installing MacOS on a Windows machine in class, only having a discussion.

We will also have a short conversation is different, but related to Docker and/or Containers.