When Wed Aug 16 7pm — 9pm
Where Lecture Hall
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What An introduction to using a basic analog circuit to flash a couple of LED's
Host Walter Anderson


  • Cost: Free
  • Restrictions:
    • Ages 16+

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About this Event


This class will be use a classic circuit, Forest M Mim's Dual LED Flasher, as an example of how simple analog circuits can be used in maker projects. While microcontroller's like the Arduino can allow makers to create very complicated or sophisticated projects, they are really not needed if all you want is to flash an LED. This classic circuit uses 11 very inexpensive components (2 transistors, 2 capacitors, 2 LED's, and 4 resistors) to function as what is called an astable multivibrator (or a free running flip flop),

The flip flop is one of the fundamental circuits in all computer systems, so understanding how it works will not only give you a great introduction to analog electronics, it will also help with your understanding of digital electronics as well.

In this class, we will view the various waveforms on examples of the circuit with an oscilloscope as well as looking at computer simulations of the circuit and walk through what is happening with as little math as possible to make the workings of this wonderful little circuit understandable.

In a future class we will be making some DMS flashing LED badges with this circuit, so if you later want to build one but aren't comfortable doing it on your own, that will be an option.

Students need bring nothing to the class, all class materials will be available on the DMS wiki.

If you need to contact the instructor, I am available on Talk (DMS Forum) with the handle wandrson