When Thu Aug 17 7:30pm — 8:30pm
Where Creative Arts Studio
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What Winter is coming. So is gifting-season. You should weave a scarf. Join us. We can make it happen.
Host Jeannie Harwell


  • Cost: $10.00

Cancellations for this event must be made before August 17, 2017 — 7:30pm.

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About this Event

Winter is coming (such as it is in Texas). And also holiday gifting season. Or just looking fetching in a new awesome scarf. Weave it.

Join us in learning how to weave a full-size project on our four-harness class loom, Lulu. Make a fabulous scarf.

This is a limited seating small (5) class, so PLEASE REGISTER. And if something comes up, please be sure to cancel to free up the spot for someone else, thanks.

We will be taking turns weaving scarves on a shared warp. All you have to do is come in, sit down and weave.

The color palette is a soft acrylic yarn with russets and purples and greens in the warp (what's already on loom), then what you choose for weft (what you weave with) will change it to overall purple, greens, browns, stripes, whatever.

See attached image for rough idea of color of projects from the last similar palette.

Supply fee of $10 at registration covers materials.

During the initial class, we will all be taking a hands-on turn weaving a few minutes to be sure you understand how to do it, and how to finish your scarf fringe once it's available for pickup.

Then we will sort out order of windows for folks to come in and weave over the course of a few weeks and a way for us to communicate that works for everyone.

Because of the nature of weaving, you **WILL NOT** be leaving with a finished project the night of class.

Because it is a shared warp, everyone has to finish their turn weaving before we can take it off. Once everyone has had a chance to weave their pieces, then they will be cut off the loom, separated, and ready for you to pick up (entire process will be several weeks, depending on how many sign up). Final goal is mid-September(ish).

We will coordinate weaving order, everyone will have a window they commit to (a few days, a week, we'll work it out). You come in, weave, then notify me when done and we get the next person going.

You should plan on a time-block of several hours to weave off the scarf. Could be done in one session or a couple if close together.

If you are a member, you can come in anytime 24/7 during your window to weave it.

If you are a non-member, and since dms rules require a member present if not in a class, you can coordinate with me. I'm usually there most Tuesdays or Thursday evenings, some random afternoons. Rarely weekends. I think we can work it out if you can do weekday (especially evenings). If you have a concern about this, contact me before signing up.

•initial hands-on class instruction
•over a few weeks, folks take their turn coming in and weaving (I'll coordinate it), labeling their piece
•once all woven, I cut off loom, separate, then bag up and put in fiber cabinet for pickup
•you take home and finish fringe (couple of options there)
•wear your awesome new scarf, or give it away as the most fabulous gift ever to some lucky recipient

Contact me on DMS Talk: @kyrithia
Or text 469-831-0916

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Special Considerations and Warnings

•due to the nature of weaving, you understand you will NOT be leaving with finished project the night of class

•to finish your project, you will need to coordinate with instructor and commit to a calendar window to come in and weave

•it will likely take a time-block of a few hours to weave the scarf (can be one or a couple sessions)

•it will be a few weeks (mid-septemberish) before projects available for pickup