When Thu Jun 8 8am — 5pm
Fri Jun 9 8am — 5pm
Sat Jun 10 8am — 5pm
Where Lecture Hall
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What This CNC Training Session will focus on 2D & 2.5D aspects of Vectric software titles Cut 2D,
Host Gary Campbell


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About this Event

CNC Training Featuring Vectric Products
This CNC Training Session will focus on 2D & 2.5D aspects of Vectric software titles Cut 2D,
VCarve Pro and Aspire by offering a comprehensive step by step in-depth explanation of nearly
each and every icon from the Drawing and Toolpath tabs.
Introduction to 3D, including placement and cutting of single and multiple models will be
shown. Numerous tips and out of the box solutions are provided that will simplify many CNC
woodworking operations.
Instructors Michael Mezalick and Gary Campbell offer over 50 years combined woodworking
experience, with nearly 20 of them in CNC equipped shops. The Dallas Makerspace offers an
opportunity to have breakout special interest classes, more info in the future.
This 3-day class is designed to bring new users an increased knowledge and confidence for their
CNC journey while at the same time providing techniques and methodology experienced users
can use to improve their CNC woodworking skill set.
This Seminar’s approach is to offer a live interactive meeting where your problems are
addressed, usually with multiple solutions that allow you to achieve the results you desire.
Material from basic to advanced is provided for both Vectric design and machine operation.
Attendees are asked to bring a licensed copy of Vectric software on a laptop to allow them to
follow along with the lesson and to provide instructors with files that have been problematic to
Along with cutting operations, various methods of material hold down will be shown.
Attendees are asked to bring problematic files or operations to be answered on the 3rd day of
the class, which is a 100% user driven agenda.
Class Schedule: 1 ½ hour sessions with ½ hour networking (or 1 hour lunch) between 8:30 -
10:00, 10:30-12:00 1:00-2:30, 3:00-4:30
Thursday Morning: Vectric 2D & 2.5D Vector Design and Import. (Gary Campbell) This session
covers all of the File Operation, 2D View Control, Create Vectors and Text tools using a step by
step approach. Each and every option available in these creation tools are explained in depth.
The second session covers the Transform, Edit and Align Objects tools. Options, tips and
techniques for each are covered, with extra attention being paid to Node Editing and
developing parts with shapes instead of line segments.
Thursday Afternoon: The afternoon session finishes up with the Offset and Layout Tools, then
progresses into Material Setup and Toolpath operations. Again, this is an icon by icon, in depth
look at all but the most advanced toolpath operations.
The Afternoon finishes up with Toolpath Editing tools and proper file save and transfer
procedures, along with a review of covered materials, user questions and examples.
Friday Morning: CNC Basics. (Gary Campbell) This 2-hour class explains many of the day to day
items you will run across in your CNC journey in an understandable way. Bits and the
differences between them, chipload, feeds and speeds and how to get them correct for your
machine and material and numerous hold down methods are shown. The morning finishes up
with Michael and Gary showing how to import vectors, 2D and 3D clip art, bitmaps and how to
convert them into machinable vectors.
Friday Afternoon: Introduction to 3D. (Michael Mezalick) In this session Michael shows how to
place 3D clip art and 3D models into a material block and position for proper cutting. Use of
multiple models and combining 3D models with 2D vectors for 2D and 2.5D cutting are also
The last session of the day has Michael explaining the various modeling tools and how each is
used to develop custom models, modify existing models and how to edit and combine existing
models into larger or smaller components
Users are requested to fill out their requests for Saturday’s Agenda.
Saturday Morning: User Requests: Gary and Michael use a “tag team” approach to instruct
users how to solve problems that attendees have requested. Multiple solutions are usually
given for each. These requests are prioritized by popularity from Friday’s fill in sheets.
Machine demos featuring feeds and speeds, and cut strategies, chipload and hold down options
are planned.
Saturday Afternoon: A continuation of the morning user driven session, wrapping up around
3:00 PM.
Attendee Quotes from previous Seminars:
“This was an excellent course for any Vectric user. I would encourage any Vectric user who
wants to increase their knowledge of CNC's and the software to attend one of these anytime
you can. It's also a great opportunity to network with other users who have various degrees of
experience and expertise.”
“The course was terrific! I came with three very specific questions and [the Instructors]
answered them fully. I should add that there was as much I learned that I did not know I needed,
but now I have the information. I would encourage anyone to attend these seminars with [these
Instructors]. You will leave fully satisfied!”

Special Considerations and Warnings

You must register for this $300 class at https://cncseminars.com/events/dallas-tx/ this is also not a class that is a requirement to use the Multicam CNC Router.
This is an externally hosted event.