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When Sat May 20 4pm — 7:30pm
Where Purple Classroom
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What using the newly discovered CRISPR system to modify bacteria
Host Joshua Melnick


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What is CRISPR Cas9 doing in this experiment?

Bacteria and all organisms need to make proteins to survive. Proteins are tiny nanomachines that do everything from control our metabolism to keeping our heart beating. In order to make a protein a cell uses the DNA code. Each 3 letters of DNA codes for a single amino acid and proteins are just chains of amino acids.

Proteins(like cas9) are made by a nucleic acid and protein complex in the cell called the ribosome. The media that you are attempting to grow the bacteria on contains a molecule called streptomycin which binds the ribosome and prevents it from making proteins, not allowing the bacteria to replicate and so they can’t grow. This kit makes a specific mutation in the ribosomal subunit protein rpsL that prevents streptomycin from binding it and so the bacteria can grow just fine on the media.

The genome of the E. coli bacteria is that you will engineer is over 4 million DNA bases in size and CRISPR will find the single one that needs to be mutated! This mutation will cause an amino acid change in the ribosomal subunit proteins that are being made.