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When Thu Mar 30 7pm — 9pm
Where Interactive Classroom
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What LabVIEW hands on training. Attendees will program while receiving instruction from 20 year vet.
Host James Jones


  • Cost: Free

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About this Event

Lets go after some real world problems. How can we apply LabVIEW to the DMS situations we are facing today? How can we use the software to help us make money for ourselves? How to businesses use LabVIEW? How can a company possibly survive without LabVIEW? Will the sun rise tomorrow without LabVIEW?

So I believe that we have done enough talk about labview, and our further classes I would opt to spend working on actual problems students are facing. So requirement for this session will be to bring a labview programming task that you either need or feel would be cool. And bring your PC. Together, we will direct efforts at solving your programming need.

Best case, I would prefer to show my thought process and arm you, the LabVIEW study, such that you get a feel for how to utilize this awesome toolset.

Examples of great student tasks might be: Raman spectrometer usb read application, control remote pc opening favorite apps after boot, a program that monitors a weather website and records the data for later viewing/graphing, really the list is beyond endless. Come up with a program you need/want and I will get you pointed down the road of coding it, helping you find the functions, etc., to make it happen.

Don't be frightened if you don't already know how to write it, this is expected after only 2 classes. However, I learned the most about labview personally when tasked with writing something I knew not how to write.

Hope to see you on Thurs, amd hope to help you leave the class with some useful code alongside the experience of figuring out how to tackle such (it's much easier than u think!)

Special Considerations and Warnings

Now we are moving toward real world applications, I would like to find out more about students and the sorts of things each of you do. I can maybe help you identify where LabVIEW can be your best friend. All too often, folks operate at work on a system developed in LabVIEW and may have no idea it was developed thusly. Bus and chip interface is quite common, say rs232 and/or gpib and/or usb. Product testing, unit test, scientific instrumentation, measurements and databases full of measurements, really the list is endless. So lets tailor things for you, the students: What busses do you need to master/control/slave? What do you measure and record? With what instruments? For out of class questions/concerns, contact instructor 214-784-8683 or [email protected], or semaphore1999 on talk. Looking forward to working with you!