When Sun May 29 3:30pm — 6pm
Where Classroom - Pillar of Solitude
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What Basic C++, Data Types, Memory, Memory Alignment, Basic C++ AVX libraries, Matrix Operations, Dataflow, MakerNumPy
Host Kevin Thompson


  • Cost: Free

Cancellations for this event must be made before May 29, 2022 — 3:30pm.

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About this Event

Scientific Computing is probably the least appreciated topic in computer science. This is because computer science is dominated by the web developer heathenry and the scientific world is often dominated by people who use proprietary software with drop-down menus for a small set of statistical procedures (often inappropriately!). Only a crusade will cure us of this heresy.

The best way to learn is by doing, so this series of classes is going to be about learning NumPy and Linear Algebra by embarking on a quest for students to write code for "MakerNumPy", which is a fairly minimal, moderately unsafe, mostly stable, decently efficient, mostly accurate and absolutely should-never-be-used-in-production version of NumPy.

Let the purification begin!