When Sat May 28 1pm — 5pm
Where Classroom - North Lobby
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What Not to be confused with the MultiCam
Host Nicolas Silva


  • Cost: Free
  • Restrictions:
    • DMS members only
    • Attendees require approval from the event host
    • Ages 18+

Cancellations for this event must be made before May 28, 2022 — 1:00pm.

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About this Event

Introduction To MasterCam Software

What is MasterCam (MC for short)? MC is the world's most widely used CAM software. It's been around since 1983 and has over 200,000 seats installed – nearly twice that of it's closest competitor (and it ain't Fusion). It is safe to say that MC is the industry standard for CAM Software.

The Machine Shop committee has decided to go with software that will not be obsoleted anytime soon and that provides all the features that were recently reduced in the hobby version of Fusion360. MasterCam can be used on CNC mills, lathes, CNC lasers, plasma cutturs and more and in particular will be used as the basis for the future HAAS and Tormach classes. While this is not a prerequisite to taking the HAAS or Tormach classes it will make the content of those classes easier to understand since those classes deal specifically more with the operation and not the software.

Without a doubt, MC has a large learning curve. So before we try to use it for specific machine access learning, this class will introduce the student to MC desktop, use of it's drawing tools, import of external models, and its CAM features for converting the drawing into G-Code for use with machines.

This class will use a combination of class slides, lecture and live demo of the MC software. This class will focus on creating code for the HAAS mill only. Class will include:
-Sketching the design from a blue print by using the MC drawing tools.
-Importing existing designs.
-Setting up the material block
-Using the geometry to create toolpaths for the specific features (including profiling, facing, drilling, helical cutting, slotting, engraving).
-Selecting the tool and setting the cutting parameters.
-Setting up the origin and World Coordinate System (WCS) of your design.
-Using the Backplot and Simulation tools to verify your design and toolpaths.
-Posting the toolpaths to G-code.

Expect this class to last at least 3.5 hours. A free Home Learning Edition of Mastercam is available for download at: https://signup.mastercam.com/demo-hle

Note: This class will not be offered frequently so catch it while you can.

Note 2: For personal reasons I do not allow the video taping of my classes. Anyone trying to do so will be asked to leave.

About Me: Nick Silva is a CNC machinist / programmer and uses these type of CNC machines on a daily basis. Skills and interests include:
a 25 year veteran of doing woodworking and woodturning. 20 years of that has also been using a Laser for cutting and engraving for clients all over the world. Other skills include leather working, glass work, graphic arts and engraving. Nick has been teaching at DMS since his joining as a member.
Nick likes Stella Artois beer.

Special Considerations and Warnings

Anyone wishing to follow along in the software should download and install the Home Learning Edition to their laptop.