When Mon May 10 6pm — 9pm
Where Workshop - Ceramics
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What Learn how to make ceramic pieces using casting slip and plaster molds
Host Olivia Norine


  • Cost: Free
  • Restrictions:
    • DMS members only

Cancellations for this event must be made before May 10, 2021 — 6:00pm.

Registration for the event is closed.

About this Event

In this class we will learn how to cast a ceramic piece using a mold and casting slip. Each participant will select a small or medium mold off of the shelves for casting their piece in class. We will use cone 6 slip from Trinity Ceramics, which you can fire and glaze just like regular cone 6 clay.

We will learn:
*How to prepare slip for pouring
*How to clean and prepare molds for casting
*Timing your mold and monitoring the clay thickness
*Tips for removing the cast piece from the mold
*Cleaning, trimming, and preparing your clay casting for bisque firing
*How to navigate the Ceramics department shelving system and firing process

Please note that this is a 3 hour class. Slip casting involves a bit of waiting. (Waiting for the slip to build up inside the mold, waiting for the piece to firm up enough to remove it from the mold, etc.) While we are in a waiting period, you are welcome to have something else with you to work on or keep you occupied.

Special Considerations and Warnings

Ceramics can be messy! Please dress accordingly. Short fingernails aren’t required, but they do make it easier.

Please do not sign up unless you are confident that you will be able to make it!

All participants must wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth for the entire class.