When Wed Nov 11 6:30pm — 8:30pm
Where Workshop - Ceramics
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What We will apply 22 carat gold to glazed pots!
Host Christine Kaake


  • Cost: Free
  • Restrictions:
    • DMS members only
    • Ages 18+

Cancellations for this event must be made before November 11, 2020 — 6:30pm.

Registration for the event is closed.

About this Event

We will be applying 22 carat gold to already glazed pots! You must bring 2-3 pots that you would like to apply gold/white gold/mother of pearl accents to. Keep in mind, these are tiny little bottles and we must use sparingly. So think of designs that will not use up too much at a time. (This is expensive stuff!) Alternatively, you can purchase your own little bottles so that you can put your stuff in the firing and be able to use up as much as you want! I have also obtained white gold and mother of pearl lusters for anyone that wants to use them in this class.
Keep in mind that once you apply this to a pot, it is no longer microwave or dishwasher safe! But it will make a pretty (or ugly) pot beautiful!

If you don't have any pots to do these processes on, I will have some tiles you can practice on just to learn about the process.

I will also have a wide range of water slide decals we can apply to pots as well!

It will be $10 per person which I can take in cash or credit card at the time of the class.

Special Considerations and Warnings

We will have to be in a well ventilated area using these chemicals, with at least a fan blowing on us. This stuff is not good to breathe in and can cause headaches if not handled with precautions. If you are sensitive to smells and fumes, you might bring at least a half mask respirator.