When Mon Dec 9 6pm — 7:30pm
Where Laser - Thunder
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What Did you take the Laser 101 - Thunder Basics class, but haven't used it yet? This class may be for you!
Host Tommy Thomas


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    • Ages 16+

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About this Event

PLEASE NOTE! This class DOES NOT fulfill the requirement to use the Thunder Lasers. That class is Laser 101 - Thunder Basics. You can still take this class, but will need the Laser 101 - Thunder Basics class, which in turn requires a DMS membership, before you can use the lasers on your own.

You may have done what I did - took the basics class, but didn't get around to using the lasers, and when I wanted to use them, I'd forgotten where to start. Or maybe you just want some backup on your first go at using the lasers. This class will get you started with hands on experience.

This class is a hands on version of the material that was covered in the Laser 101 - Thunder Basics class. There's no classroom time in this one. Instead, you’ll use the Lightburn software to customize an existing design by inserting your name...or someone’s name...or a word...you get the idea, right? You’ll cut and etch the design into 1/8” birch plywood (keychain size, not hang on the wall size) and take that home.

We'll have no more than 6 students In the class. I'll walk through the software use one time, then I'll do the hardware part (run through the safety checklist, load the material onto the bed, set the focus) and then run the job. After that, one student does the software, and another student does the hardware. This continues round robin style until everyone has had a turn, and have also watched it done several times Then they switch By the end of the class, everyone has done the software and hardware tasks, and have also seen it being done several times. It really sinks in.

Special Considerations and Warnings

PLEASE NOTE: You need to go to the Eventbrite link and purchase a ticket in order to attend this class. If you cancel at least 1 day in advance, you'll get a full refund, MINUS the Eventbrite service fee of $3.00. I get charged for the service whether you cancel or attend.

This class DOES NOT fulfill the requirement you need in order to use the Laser Cutters. The class that fulfills that requirement is Laser 101 - Thunder Basics.