Out of an abundance of caution regarding the COVID-19 epidemic, the Dallas Makerspace closed on March 18 2020 and will remain closed until further notice.

When Tue Oct 1 7pm — 9pm
Where Purple Classroom
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What Beginner to intermediate level class to wire up circuits and download programs to Arduinos and make them communicate with each other.
Host Brady Pamplin


  • Cost: Free

Cancellations for this event must be made before October 1, 2019 — 7:00pm.

Registration for the event is closed.

About this Event

The ability for projects to communicate is a fascinating goal but implementation can be daunting for those not familiar with libraries, protocols and connecting components. No electronics or programming experience is required. All parts except your laptop are provided. NRF24L01 modules are small, cheap and provide peer to peer communications. This is not WiFi and routers are not required.

Goals are to:
- Wire up simple circuits on a breadboard.
- Download provided programs to the Arduino.
- Make simple program changes to customize programs. We will not cover programming but will discuss changing certain lines to customize results.

I like to encourage students without electronics or programming experience to see that its possible to jump into the Arduino hobby and have fun. Your abilities can be then be furthered by taking other DMS classes, reading internet tutorials and watching youtube videos.

The main focus will be on beginners using parts kits containing an Arduino Nano, an NRF24L01 module, IO shield, breadboard, potentiometer and other components.

As a grand finale (hold the applause please), all students will transmit four data items to the instructor Arduino every two seconds. A simple Processing procedure will display all data on the big screen in real time. All this is documented in the resource section of the presentation file. You can go home and impress your... Well, at least you can have fun replicating the exercise.

Leave class with enough knowledge, documentation and programs to be able to repeat the exercises at home after you acquire your own parts. The programs are very simple and generally single function. This makes it easy to use them as a base for your future projects.

PM me @bpamplin if there are things you would like to cover in class. No guarantees, but I’ll try to help.

Please try to install the Arduino IDE before class. We can work on it during lab time if you cannot do it before class.

The class is limited to six so I can work with you individually.