When Sun Sep 8 1pm — 2pm
Where Offsite (See Event Description)
What This is self study to prepare for the machine side class given in the DMS machine shop
Host bob karnaugh


  • Cost: Free
  • Restrictions:
    • DMS members only
    • Ages 18+

Cancellations for this event must be made before September 8, 2019 — 1:00pm.

Registration for the event is closed.

About this Event

About this Event
This section contains a quiz, the passing of which, does these significant things:

Confirms that you are ready for a DMS machine side, hands on class, on the metal lathe. Allows you to review the pre class materials at your own pace and convenience and obtain basic feed back on learning.

Allows you to get your name on the ClausingColchester QuizPass AD. This allows the Machine Shop committee to be aware of building demand for a class (at machine side). This helps get classes scheduled.

Note: If you are interested in becoming a ClausingColchester user, you should complete the process of putting yourself on the QuizPass AD without waiting for a lathe class to appear on the DMS events calendar. If you don’t, the committee won’t see the demand building and schedule a class.

When classes are scheduled, being on the QuizPass AD allows you to register for the class. The QuizPass AD is a prerequisite for registering for a part II class, machine side instruction. The sequence of the correct answers is the password that one sends to [email protected] in order to add one’s name to the QuizPass AD. You will know that you have the correct password when you see the cute, subject relevant word emerge.

Note: when you have completed the class, your name is added to the AD for ClausingColchester users and your name is removed from the ClausingColchester QuizPass AD, as you are no longer looking to take the class.

Note: The Study material is at:


Special Considerations and Warnings

This self study prepares one for the machine side class (Part II). It consists of a slide show shop specific to the Clausing metal lathe in the DMS machine shop and recommended videos made by the MIT machine shop regarding general lathe operations.

If you are interested in becoming an authorized user of the DMS Clausing lathe, Part II, the machine side class is also necessary. But don't wait for those classes to be scheduled before registering and completing this class (Part I), as the registration and getting on the Quiz Pass AD list lets the instructors and committee know that demand is building for the machine side classes.

When you have taken the quiz, the letters corresponding to the best correct answers form the password that is to be sent to [email protected] If correct your name will be added to the Quiz Pass AD and you will be able to register for any Part II class scheduled. If not, you can re-study and submit again.