When Sat Jul 27 12pm — 2pm
Where Digital Media
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What Digital Media Meeting
Host Kevin Patel


  • Cost: Free

Cancellations for this event must be made before July 27, 2019 — 12:00pm.

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About this Event

Adnan has stepped down as chair.
Feel free to throw your hat in & try to note your past accomplishments, promises, goals, vision etc… basically talk about yourself.

Agenda items welcome.

*Committee Status Update
*Member Update - What cool things are you working on? Do you have the resources needed?
*Mission Statement Update, Review & Brain Implantation
*Hold Election
*Effective Use of Resources - organizing, open central space layout, equipment checkout policy, standard software stack, those [email protected]#&ing locker locks
*Classes - Adobe, VR/AR, Camera/Video, Audio - Who’s down to teach what?
*Possible Grant
*Future Road Map - 4xVR Station+Apps/Games, Mounting Blue/Green Screen, Getting 2 carts computers up & running, Chrome Cast Ultra 4K, Permanent setup of product photography box for makers to take pictures of their creations easily, Wireless NICs for MAC & PC rolling cart computer & Battery Power/UPS?

Proposed Standard Software Stack for 4x computers
*Microsoft - Windows 10, Office, Visual Studio
*Adobe CC
*Music/Audio Software? Audacity? Serato? What do the cool kids use these days? I’m old :frowning:
*CAD /CAM - Solidworks, Inventor, Fusion, VCarve, RDWorks
*Ninite - 7-zip, VLC, Paint.net, WinDirStat, WinSCP, Putty, WinMerge, Eclipse, FileZilla, CutePDF/PDFCreator, Chrome, Gimp, Inkscape, Eclipse, Python, Notepad++, WinMerge

Mac Software Stack? We have one so lets set it up