When Sun Aug 18 5pm — 7:30pm
Where Lecture Hall
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What Inventor to discuss new motor design
Host Joshua Melnick


  • Cost: Free

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About this Event

listen to a talk and presentation on a new type of motor. Will be given by Muzmotion CEO Carl Copeland.


"For Carl Copeland, CEO and founder of MuZ Motion LLC, the Showcase provided him a way to demonstrate the company’s novel robotics motion system. It is, he admits, better to see it than to try to explain it.

“The limiting factor in modern robotics isn’t in AI or electronics,” he said. “It’s the physical limitations of contemporary motors and motion systems.”

The company’s product, the Field Modulation Motion System (FMMS) has, at its core, the Field Modulation Motor, which Copeland says is the first truly novel motor design in 150 years. It avoids the limits of contemporary motors with a design that utilizes the full, 3-dimensional spectrum of magnetics while optimizing the use of magnetic materials.

The motor design is novel in several ways, he said, not the least of which is the range of materials that can be used for its construction. The motor is capable of being constructed of more than 80 percent non-metallic, non-magnetic materials. The version he was demonstrating at the showcase was constructed of 85 percent medium density cellulose fiber (paper). Other alternative materials include plastics, polymers, natural and recycled materials, and exotic metamaterials such as aerogels and metallic lattices.

“It makes it incredibly light weight, which can make it useful in a larger variety of applications,” he said."