When Mon Apr 15 6pm — 7pm
Where Lecture Hall
1825 Monetary Ln #104 Carrollton, TX 75006
What Youtube is a MUST if you want passive evergreen traffic to your blog or e-commerce shop. (rarely offered)
Host Lance Puig


  • Cost: Free

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About this Event

Have you seen some successful Etsy sellers use Youtube for FREE marketing?

Are you confused about how they pull it off?

Imagine getting FREE traffic to your Etsy shop using the 2nd largest search engine in the world!

If so...then you may want to get signed up for this highly requested 1 hour FREE intro class.

In this simple and actionable class you'll learn:
- Why Youtube may just be the easiest way to create long term traffic to your Etsy shop.
- How to give your audience exactly what they want so that they are motivated to visit your Etsy shop.
- How to show Youtube's algorithm that your videos are exactly what it wants...so that your videos rank higher in search.

You may be thinking...

Oh my golly! Another media platform I have to master?

Not by a long shot...

In fact...Youtube is super "newbie" friendly....with a short learning curve.

This class is perfect for Makers who:
--> Want to generate steady traffic to their Etsy shop without ongoing effort.
--> Are looking for an easy "set it and forget it" traffic source.
--> Want to build a brand while they are making money every month from their Etsy shop.
--> Have nothing else to do on Saturday at 4pm

Heres the deal folks...

Youtube is a hot topic and a TON of students have requested this class.

And in case your wondering...

Here's what some students have said about this instructor:
"It was super informative, full of times, tools, examples." -Katiri P.
"The teacher is amazing." -Sandra F.
"A lot of quick, pertinent information" -Laurie R.
"Good information...great class!" -Ryan M.
"He's the KING of marketing" - No one said that actually

Seating is VERY limited.

Sign up before the class is marked "FULL".

See you in class!

Special Considerations and Warnings

LIMITED TIME: This class is offered very infrequently and I base the next class on student requests.